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When International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law intertwine - A Critical Appraisal of the Hassan Judgment

Philippe FRUMER
Chargé de cours à l’Institut supérieur de traducteurs et interprètes (Bruxelles)

16 septembre 2014 - Cour eur. dr. h., Hassan c. Royaume-Uni

In its leading case Hassan v. United Kingdom, the European Court had to explore for the first time the relationship between the law of the Convention and international humanitarian law in a situation of international armed conflict. This article examines on a critical point of view the solution upheld by the Court and the reasoning underlying

it. It is also suggested that the Court might have resorted to an alternative



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Cour eur. dr.h., Gde Ch., Hassan c. Royaume-Uni, 16 septembre 2014
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