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The Jurisdictions of the European Union and the Fundamental Rights - Case-law Review (2014)

L’Institut de droit européen des droits de l’homme (IDEDH, EA 3976, Université de Montpellier)
Sous la direction de Christophe MAUBERNARD et Hélène SURREL, en collaboration avec Katarzyna BLAY-GRABARCZYK, Laure MILANO et Romain TINIERE

2014 decisions confirm that the Charter now represents an unavoidable reference for the Court, even though its scope of application is rather limited. Besides, at this point in time, standards are not met for the Union to join the European Convention on Human Rights as per the Court’s 2/2013 Opinion. One shall thus retain the fact that the Court attaches great importance to personal data, ne bis in idem principle or to aliens’ procedural rights. At the opposite, one can also underline the prudence of the Court in relation to the principle of workers’ right to information and consultation within the undertaking (article 27), the recognition of a right to leave for a women who used surrogacy or the limited legal protection under the freedom to conduct a business (article 16) or the right to property (article 17).