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NGOs’ applications to the European Court of Human Rights : the Court (too) prudently tries to expand access to its courtroom by extricating itself from its own jurisprudential quagmire

Aspirante FNRS auprès du Centre de droit public de l’Université libre de Bruxelles

17 juillet 2014 - Cour eur. dr. h., Gde Ch., Affaire Centre de ressources juridiques au nom de Valentin Câmpeanu c. Roumanie

The European Court of Human Rights does not traditionally welcome requests from groups alleging violations of which they are not themselves victims. The Câmpeanu case highlighted the narrowness of

the Court’s case law relating to the concept of victim and the sometimes harsh consequences to which it may lead. The Court avoids these consequences by insisting on the exceptional nature of the facts

submitted to it, but does not really grasp the opportunity to expand the access of groups to its courtroom. This comment critically looks at the Court’s reasoning and argues for a more ambitious approach.