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The Jurisdictions of the European Union and the Fundamental Rights - Case-law Review (2015)

L’Institut de droit européen des droits de l’homme
(IDEDH, EA 3976, Université de Montpellier)
Sous la direction de Christophe MAUBERNARD et Hélène SURREL,
en collaboration avec Katarzyna BLAY-GRABARCZYK, Laure MILANO
et Romain TINIÈRE

2015 is marked by cases raising new questions, as the consequences of the withdrawal of the refugee’s status with regard to the right to liberty and security (Lanigan) or the question of the conformity of the international action of the Union with fundamental rights (Front Polisario). This year is also marked by important cases about personal data protection (Schrems), the right to vote at European elections (Delvigne), the rights of disabled workers (Fenoll) or still the principle of non-discrimination (AT Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD) and its sometimes surprising interpretation by the Court of justice (Léger). The Charter allows at the same time to confirm standards of protection and to define some new.