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The last stand of an unfortunately unknown institution

Marjorie BEULAY
Docteur en droit – Ingénieur de recherche à l’Université Paris 8 –
Vincennes Saint-Denis
Assesseur H.C.R. à la Cour nationale du droit d’asile

26 fvrier 2016 - Panel consultatif des droits de l’homme, N. M. e.a. c. M.I.N.U.K.

The Human Rights Advisory Panel just delivered its last decisions and it final report. It’s the opportunity to make a brief overview of the work of this unfortunately unknown organ. The decision of February 2016 illustrates the question of the accountability of the United Nations on a topical issue – in particular the right to health and the rights to an adequate standard of living –, activity about which the Panel was one of the too rare players.