Article en détail     N° 2017/111    Page : 485
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Câmpeanu: quo vadis ? – Individual applications at risk

Juge à la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme
Professeur de droit constitutionnel et international à l’Université de Zurich


Aurore GARIN
Docteur en droit des Universités de Panthéon-Assas (Paris II) et de Genève

The right of individual application, which lies at the heart of the system of redress provided for by the European Convention on Human Rights, covers the right of both an individual applicant and his or her legal counsel to bring a case before the Strasbourg Court. Although the judgment in the case of Câmpeanu introduced a prodigious innovation in this area by creating a particularly favourable interpretation of the conditions of Article 34 for vulnerable applicants, the Court’s later case-law has significantly watered down the effects of that judgment. This paper argues that the ratio legis of the right to individual petition requires a more generous interpretation of the conditions for the admissibility of individual applications, failing which the Câmpeanu judgment would be rendered devoid of substance.