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No eviction from home without judicial control – the right to “home” and the European Court of Human Rights

par Nicolas Bernard,
Professeur aux Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis à Bruxelles

13 mai 2008 - Cour eur. dr. h., 4ème section, McCann c. Royaume-Uni

Regarding an eviction from a public housing in England, the European Court of Human Rights said, in its judgment McCann v. United Kingdom, that “The loss of one's home is a most extreme form of interference with the right to respect for the home. Any person at risk of an interference of this magnitude should in principle be able to have the proportionality of the measure determined by an independent tribunal”. Despite the judgment Stankova v. Slovakia, made less than a year before, it is the first time that the Court has clearly judged the necessity of a judicial control before an eviction from home. But it is only this lack of a judicial protection which makes the condemnation possible and not the law about evictions itself. This shows the growing importance of procedural protections in the Strasbourg’s Court’s case law.


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