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Chronicle of a disappearance foretold

Nathalie Droin,
Maître de conférences à l’Université de Franche-Comté

20 mai 2011 - Cons. const. fr., Q.P.C., Mme Térésa C. e. a.

The QPC decision of May 20th 2011 of the French “Conseil constitutionnel” censuring the article 35, line 5, law on the press of July 29th 1881 is indeed marking a turning point in the history of the media law. For the first time, this liberal work is censured by the constitutional Council which thus agrees with the position recently adopted by the European Court of Human Rights. Let us bet that the lawmaker will draw all the conclusions from this sentence by restoring the balance upset between the protection of the freedom of expression and the freedom of others.


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Décision commentée : Cons. const. (fr.), decision n° 2011-131, 20 mai 2011, Mme Térésa et autre