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The Consolidation of the States' Duty of Assistance to Foreign Minors in Irregular Stay

Juge au tribunal du travail de Bruxelles
Jean-François NEVEN
Conseiller à la Cour du travail de Bruxelles
Maître de conférences invité à l’Université catholique de Louvain

23 octobre 2012 - Comité eur. drts. sociaux, D.E.I. c. Belgique

Following a collective complaint submitted by the organization « Defense for Children International » (DCI) denouncing structural shortcomings in the reception policy, the European Committee of Social Rights found that, by leaving a considerable number of foreign minors live in the street, Belgium has not taken the necessary steps to ensure their right to protection against the physical and moral hazards and their right to social assistance and health. The Committee confirms that these rights are so fundamental that they must be guaranteed even to children staying illegally on the territory. This is fully in line with its decisions FIDH v. France (2004) and DCI v. The Netherlands (2009). This decision relies on a new motivation derived from the jus cogens international, which is critically discussed here.


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