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The right of all couples to a « public commitment »

Maître de conférences HDR à l’Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

7 novembre 2013 - Cour eur. dr. h., arrêt Vallianatos et autres c. Grèce

The European Court condemned Greece on the grounds of article 14, as well as article 8 of the European Convention, for having created a civil partnership which is not open to homosexuals. Closing this alternative form of public commitment to them when marriage is not available to them either was found to constitute unfair discrimination. The civil partnership is therefore viewed by the European Court as a “guaranteed minimum” of family life. Greek law, however, contains certain provisions relating to parentage which were used by the Greek government in order to present this legislation as family law. The European Court did not hesitate to go beyond the “official objective” of the Greek legislator to bring out the real aim of the law ; make a law on couples. If this action must be approved, in that it renders the European Court’s control over discrimination effective, it raises the question of the difficult dissociation of the couple from the family, which is the next thing at stake for homosexual couples in their struggle for equal rights.


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