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N° 100 - Octobre 2014

, par Gérard Gonzalez
The freedom of religion and the guarantees of protection within the African system for the protection of human rights , par Roger Koussetogue Koudé
, par Régis de Gouttes
, par Dominique Rosenberg
The contribution of the European Court of Human Rights' case law to the drafting of the new Treaty on combating violence against women , par Silvia Cantoni
Balancing Freedom of Expression and Copyright on the Internet: Comparing the Restraint of the European Court of Human Rights with the Concrete Fit Pursued by the Court of Justice of the EU , par Alain Strowel
When balance becomes art – The Council of Europe and the fair balance between the individual interest of the owner and the general interest of cultural heritage protection , par Marie-Sophie de Clippele
Expatriates’ Voting Rights, European Consensus and States’ Margin of Appreciation (E.C.H.R., Sitaropoulos and Giakoumopoulos v. Greece, 15 March 2012) , par Samantha Besson - Anne-Laurence Graf-Brugère
The definition of the scope of Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights , par Frédéric Bernard
Expulsion of foreign aids patients : the European Court of human rights on « Paths of Glory » (Eur. Court hum. rights, S.J. c. Belgique, 27 février 2014) , par Jean-Pierre Marguénaud