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N° 80 - Octobre 2009

The European Court of Human Rights, past, present and future following its 50th anniversary year. A former judge of the Court gives his opinion. , par Franz Matscher
On the Constitutionalisation of the Convention: the European Court of Human Rights as a Constitutional Court , par Alec Stone Sweet
Relevance and irrelevance of the recusations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , par Roger Magloire Koussetogue Koude
The connection between the principle of non-discrimination and fundamental rights and freedoms in the European jurisprudence , par Laurence Potvin-Solis
Iraqi cases and Extraterritoriality : On the Necessity to Overcome Bankovic (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., Gde ch., recev., Bankovic et autres c. Belgique et seize autres Etats contractants, 12 décembre 2001), par Céline Romainville
State responsibility and deportation of Jewish people. Reflections on the French Council of State advisory opinion of February 16th 2009, Hoffman-Glemane (obs/s. Cons. Etat (fr.), Hoffman-Glemane, 16 février 2009), par
About the European Committee of Social Rights' finding against France for violating the right to housing in the Revised Social Charter (obs/s. Comité eur. drts. sociaux, ATD-Quart Monde c. France, 5 décembre 2007; Comité eur. drts. sociaux, FEANTSA c. France, 5 décembre 2007), par Nicolas Bernard
The expulsion of juvenile offenders : a clarification of the Court’s case-law (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., Gde Ch., Maslov c. Autriche, 23 juin 2008), par Gauthier de Beco
The European Court of Human Rights and the caricature in the press (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., Leroy c. France, 2 octobre 2008), par Baptiste Nicaud