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N° 88 - Octobre 2011

Recognition and execution of foreign judgments and the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights: an attempt to summarise , par Dean Spielmann
Council of Europe Social Charter and its control agency, the European Committee of Social Rights : outline of an outcome , par Jean-Michel Belorgey
General international law and human rights law: the contribution of the European Court of Human Rights , par Frédéric Vanneste
Preventive measures « post sententiam » restricting and depriving of liberty in the case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights , par Rodolphe Mésa
The normative force of international instruments on the protection of victims of trafficking on human beings , par Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre
Athlete Whereabouts: an excessive infringement of privacy, or when Big Brother shows up at the sports , par Jean-Christophe Lapouble
The protection of journalists' sources: British and French comparative study inspired by Le Monde v. Eric Woerth case , par Céline Lageot
The implementation of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (2010) , par Elisabeth Lambert-Abdelgawad
The difficult Conciliation between Oral Hearings and the Right to Adversarial Proceedings (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., Labbé c. France, 12 octobre 2010), par Michel Puéchavy
Police entrapment: Break between the two phases of the court’s reasoning? Commentary of the bannikova v. Russia case (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., Bannikova c. Russie, 4 novembre 2010), par Amandine Philippart de Foy
Binational Last Name in the European Court of Human Rights (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., Losonci Rose et Rose c. Suisse, 9 novembre 2010), par Jean-Pierre Marguénaud
When Naomi Campbell hits the headlines… of the European Convention on Human Rights law (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., MGN Limited c. Royaume-Uni, 18 janvier 2011), par Aurélien Antoine
The asylum policy of the european union in the sight of european court of human rights (obs/s. Cour eur. dr. h., M.S.S. c. Belgique et Grèce, 21 janvier 2011), par Cédric Raux